May 28, 2019

Pure Natural Ingredients, good for you, good for the environment


e are delighted to offer the best ingredients for our friends and customers. Nowadays more and more people are worried and concerned about the environment, the world and trying to be good with their body in general.

That’s why we are bringing a wonderful gift for yourself and your sanctuary, your home. We have lovely candles made with all-natural ingredients thinking of you and the environment. For the wax, we use 100% soybeans, instead of petroleum derivatives which are not kind with the environment or human health.

We combine the lovely smell of natural essential oils which give you a very soft scent and offer you positive therapeutic effects on your body, mind and spirit while enjoying the light of the candle.

We always strive to make the best product for you so for containers and packaging we are using recycled items like glass candle jars and cardboard boxes. That’s our way of doing the right thing and minimising our footprint in the world.

We really hope you enjoy our products as much as we do..!


Thamy X

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